Top 5 Horse Movies You Should Watch

If you love horses, then the chances are you would enjoy a really good horse movie too. So I thought it would be fun today to give you my top 5 pick of the best horse movies ever made. Enjoy 🙂

1. Phar Lap

pharlapIf you are going to watch this 1983 movie, i suggest that you have a box of tissues or even an absorbent towel near as Phar Lap really is a tear jerker.

Lap, born in 1926, was known as the Australia’s Wonder horse but the spectacular racing career ended in certain circumstances in 1932. His strapper, an Australian word for groom or stable boy is played by Tom Burlinson, who also featured in ‘The Man From Snowy’

2. The Man From Snowy River

I used to watch this one repeatedly for several times. There is some really good riding in this one and props to the horse handlers who kept it real, but safe. Young Jim Craig, after he lost his father, went to the ‘low country’ and when he try’s to prove himself he ended up getting himself in hot water. Tom Burlinson, who also featured in Phar Lap, is the lead role and does many of his own stunts in this movie which sweeps wats his new employer’s young stallion as well as hos own mare Bess.

3. Dreamer

dreamerThis is yet another horse racing movie, that is based on Mariah’s Storm career. The race horse suffers a serious injury, but through her owners dedication she returns to win several races.

The races that Soñador wins in this film are different from those that Mariah Storm wins, but the movie is overall entertaining.

Cale Crane, a character played by Dakota Fanning is a youngster whose dedication makes her father keep faith in Soñador’s potential.

4. Justin Morgan Had a Horse

This movie was released in 1972 and it actually make you wish for a Morgan stallion as well. Justin Morgan Had a Horse is a movie that tells the story of the first Morgan, which is also known as Figure. Owned by a school teacher, Justin morgan is a film based on the Marguerite Henry’s book.

5. Flicka and My Friend Flicka


If you love horse stories that make you cry, then you should also have your tissues ready for this one. Although the movie Flicka was remade in 2003, the earlier version released in 1943 is much better.

My Friend Flicka is a story of a boy’s love for his horse and it is based on the book My Friend Flicka by Mary O’Hara.